Look No Further Than Your Own Backyard

True story: A few months ago while I was walking my Tibetan Terrier, Remmy, I ran into my neighbor, Anne. She told me she had been meaning to call me. She had heard me speak about Interior Redesign at a local women’s group and said she needed some help with her family room.

Let’s be honest. Working with friends, family or neighbors can be challenging. Reputations are at stake no matter who you work with, but with someone in your neighborhood, word gets around quickly. You know the old saying, “Good news travels fast, bad news travels faster.”

We started in the family room. Anne had a most wonderful potbelly stove that was the focal point! The room had good bones. So far, so good. She wanted the space to feel warmer and more stylish. Throughout the consultation we discussed options and goals for transforming the room.

A typical Interior Redesign can be done in a few hours with no additional purchases; this was a more comprehensive job. To my complete surprise, Anne was not only an experienced painter, she also spackled walls, deep cleaned carpets, worked on drywall…and moved furniture. Big Bonus!

I didn’t know it then, but that first meeting was the beginning of a project that ultimately would encompass not only redesigning and painting the family room, but her entryway, formal living room, master bedroom and bath, and guest room.

Anne was a delight to work with! One of the greatest joys of my work is that the process of Interior Redesign is closely linked to the relationships that I form with my clients. And the basis of those relationships is trust. Anne was ready for a change and willing to go out of her comfort zone because she trusted that I always had her interests and desires in mind. In the end, she was actually giddy with anticipation of each new stage of the Redesign.

Here is what Anne had to say:

“Every room looks so warm, delicious and fabulous! I think it is every woman’s dream (or at least it is mine) to walk into a model home you love, unpack your toothbrush and just move in… this is what this experience has reminded me of… what you do is a ministry. Your sincerity and thoughtfulness shine through it all.”

Unpredictable Design & Times

While so many retailers try to entice us with sales to make new purchases, the truth is that we often have more than we need, and then some. Let's face it, with the state of the economy, isn't it reassuring to know that extraordinary changes can be made in your home without breaking the bank?

The Redesign Project utilizes the key concept of creating a beautiful home using what you have. But redesigning a room, let alone an entire home, is not as simple as an HGTV show would have you believe. Making changes for the sake of moving things around is exhausting, frustrating, and will ultimately baffle someone who doesn’t have the time, help or skill sets to accomplish the results they were hoping for.

Put down the remote, step away from the sofa, and consider the following. What is it that makes a room go from ordinary to extraordinary? It’s making the most of what you have and knowing where to… and where not to… strategically place furnishings, art, lighting & accessories. It’s adding only pieces that will actually enhance a room. The end goal is not to simply fill up and cover the walls and floors.

A carefully orchestrated room brings a sense of calm and pride because it’s been professionally Redesigned and deeply reflects your personal taste!


Do you really need to replace what you have?

Will your old table wind up in a landfill? It's possible you need only to 'go shopping' in your own home to find exactly what you may be looking for! Imagine finding a 'new' piece of furniture without taking up your valuable time or spending money on gasoline going from store to store.

Interior Redesign helps save the environment. It allows you to Go Green, using and re-using much of what you already own. It speaks to the sensibility of finding more functional and beautiful ways of placing these pieces in the best possible location in a room. And best of all, it acknowledges and respects YOUR personal style and taste.

What I love about Interior Redesign is that I incorporate much of what you already own, perhaps even changing the appearance and functionality in the process. It is a fabulous alternative to traditional Interior Design.

For example, take a look at this mid-century television console. The casters and color make it look outdated. I asked the Santa Barbara homeowner if he would remove the casters and paint it black prior to the redesign, as this would save valuable time and money on the day of the redesign. He was more than willing to help and did a wonderful job!

The end result is a beautifully transformed piece of furniture. It is now updated, and the scale and balance work well with the flat screen television and new piece of artwork.

Bring the WOW! Factor into your room … In Just One Day … by contacting


Welcome to The Redesign Project

It is with great pride that I introduce you to my new website,! I hope you take the time to read more about The Redesign Project and all it encompasses. Beyond the services offered and what my clients are saying, the website is truly an indication of who I am and how I work. The pages are clean and uncluttered. It is a place for information as well as seeing Before & After pictures in the Gallery that demonstrate exactly what I do.

I am honored that my clients have allowed me to come into their homes and share not only their personal space but personal stories as well. It is imperative to understand and see how someone is living and what really matters to that person. We all tend to surround ourselves with memories from our life – it’s what sets us apart from everyone else. What makes a house a home is adding the personal touches that show our individuality; perhaps it’s something from childhood, or a relative, or a dear friend. We want to surround ourselves with things that bring us comfort and joy.

Taking it to the next level is where I come in — bringing together all the elements and giving your room a WOW Factor! Imagine leaving for work in the morning and coming home to an entirely new space that is classic, uncluttered, and showcasing much of what you already own. A beautiful, comfortable room that makes sense and actually FEELS right is the sanctuary every person deserves to live in. That is the driving force behind each redesign.

We all go through many changes and metamorphoses in our lives, yet we hold on to the things that are most precious to us as we make this journey. I have had to redesign my own life many times, and have learned to keep with me the things that are most precious. Redesign is recreating and reinventing, and most of us have had to do that at some point in our lives. Redesigning a space is like breathing new life into a room and giving us, in the process, a new beginning.

My thanks to Michelle Shapiro and Wil Thomas of Ipso Facto Creative Group for their talents, patience and beautifully collaborative work on this wonderful website.

My deep appreciation to my husband, Tom, for his unconditional support in The Redesign Project and life in general. To my son, Adam, for being the brightest star in my universe, I give thanks for the inspiration he brings me every day of my life with his inquisitiveness, kindness and unstoppable sense of humor. And last, to our little Remmy, the sweetest spirit I could ever imagine.

I dedicate this website and The Redesign Project to my beautiful mother, Eunice Brooks, who always encouraged me to find the passion in my life and live it with grace, dignity and courage.

Phyllis Brooks